Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Our deer

We are in year two of raising deer. Currently on our little farm we have:

5 yr old doe named Kathy. She was given to us and is a little shy.

1 1/2 yr old doe named Mae. She was our first deer and we bottle fed her.

We are bottle feeding 2 buck fawns (Samson and runbt)and 1 doe fawn (Bella)currently. We plan to get a breeder buck before the rut so that we can have our does bred this year. We had a nice buck that had to be put down last year because my neighbor's dog ran him into the fence and he broke his jaw. At full capacity we plan to have about 12 deer. We are wanting 2 breeder bucks and the rest does.


Julia said...

Hi, I was just wondering if you sell your fawns and if so how much would a doe cost and how would I go about purchasing one?

Dyani said...

How do you acquire permission to breed and raise white tail deer? Where can I buy a stud if interested?