Monday, October 1, 2007

About this Blog

My name is Keith and my wife and I live in Southern Illinois where we hunt and raise Whitetail Deer. I am also starting my own taxidermy business. We love everything about Whitetails and spend a lot of time with the ones we raise (when its not hunting season of course) The deer we rasie are our pets and we are starting a small breeding business to try and recoup some of the costs of keeping them. Currently we have 2 grown does and we are bottle feeding 2 buck fawns and 1 doe fawn. We are in the process of expanding our deer pen to accomadate a few more deer. This blog is going to be dedicated to all things Whitetail. I will be posting on the different aspects of rasing deer, hunting deer, and doing taxidermy. During hunting season I will be keeping up to date on what I see and what I shoot.


Bowhunting starts today!!

Fianlly the long awaited season has arrived! It is of course HOT for October, it will be in the 80's today. I hope to go hunting after work today. I will keep everyone updated on what I see.

As for the deer we own....they are all doing well. I am almost done with the pen expansion and the herd will have lots more room to run. I will still have to build another run in shed for them and for storing straw and hay. I have hay and straw on order and will be picking it up this week. We are going to set up straw bales for a few windblock areas around the new pen. i also bought some shade cloth that I will be putting up once the fence is totally complete so the deer have a little more windblock, shade, and protection from things outside the pen. The shade cloth is almost 6 feet tall and will help the deer from running into the fence. Their pen is up against a field and the Combine scares them to no end. I hope the shade cloth will help protect them from some harm. We are also having a lot of people stopping on the road to look at the deer and we hope that shade cloth will deter this.