Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Carbon Impact review

I have used Carbon Impact fat shaft XLT arrows for 7 years. In my opinion, they have several strong points and only one negative point to them.
First of all, carbon arrows have the perfect weight. There are different sizes to account for different draw weights and draw lengths. I used the 6000 size shafts. At 8.2 gpi (grains per inch) they are light enough to get good speed, yet heavy enough with the combination of the arrow weight/speed. I get good penetration with these. Lots of kinetic energy means two holes and that means larger and shorter blood trails. I get complete pass-throughs nine out of ten times. I use large diameter mechanical broad heads and still get the pass throughs, whether it be at five yards or forty yards. These arrows are also strong. They are not indestructible but they are very durable. Several times I used the same arrows to harvest several deer. I harvested eleven deer with the same arrow one year. If your getting pass-throughs, then your arrows will remain in one piece, Simple as that!
I have used both camouflage and the plain black fat shaft XLT arrows. I have had almost the same results with both. The only difference between the camouflage and the black that I noticed was that the camouflage was quieter on my arrow rest when drawing my bow back. When they came out with the slick, shiny finish on the camouflage arrows it made them even quieter.
These carbon arrows have a nock called the roto-nock. It seems to makes things more accurate. The nock is so tiny it makes it hard to robin hood your arrows. The roto-nock can be turned to where you want it. Line your vanes up how you want by turning the nock. Since the roto-nocks are so small it does make them easier to crack off compared to a nock that slides into the rear shaft. They do however make other nocks other than the roto-nock. You choose what nock you want.
I have noticed one thing that I don’t like about these arrows that was not always so. I used to be able to get these arrows very easily. I could find them in archery catalogs such as Bass Pro shop or from Cabela’s. The local archery pro shops all carried them. If you needed some more Carbon Impact arrows all you had to do was go get them. If you wanted them cheaper than retail all you had to do was go online. I bought several dozen on Ebay for half what I was paying for them elsewhere. Now, since no one carries them anymore, they are a pain to get when you need them. The easiest way to get them now is to buy them directly from Carbon Impact. You can visit them at their web site at
My over all review of the Carbon Impact XLT arrows is that they are a wonderful product. As I have said, I have used these arrows for years now and have harvested several wild boar and over 60 whitetail deer using these arrows. To say I have had great luck with these arrows would be an understatement and would highly recommend them to anyone.

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