Monday, July 23, 2007

Fawn update

Our doe fawn just turned 8 weeks on Sunday, Our first buck fawn will be 8 weeks on Wednesday, and our little runt will be 7 weeks on Friday. We have cut out noontime bottles for the 2 bigger fawns and they are doing well. At noon I am feeding them Purina Deer Chow pellets mixed with some soybeans and corn. I also give them a little alfalfa hay and clover. They are all grazing on the greens and the 2 older fawns are eating the pellet mix everyday. I will now start to cut out their nighttime feeding and once that is gone, the morning feeding. They should be weaned at 12 weeks of age. We will then transfer them to the big pen with our 2 does. I think they will be just fine. Little Runt may take longer to wean. Although he is eating greens well, he is not interested in the pellet mix yet. He will eat apples from our hands and clover as well. He is still very small and weary of human touch, but I think he will also be fine. It will be interesting to see if ever cathes up in size and what his antlers will look like compared to our big buck fawn Sammy.

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